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Asian Motifs

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Asian motifs from India like serpent pendants are featured here as jewelry pieces.

Avalon's Treasury - Jewelry and Books about Alternative Health & Crystal Healing

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Asian Motifs: Chu Hua - [112 x 112 px] Chu Hua  - Pendant
According to Chinese belief the chrysanthemum Chu Hua is the blossom of fortune.

EUR 13.60
Asian Motifs: Dagger of Sajigor - [112 x 112 px] Dagger of Sajigor  - Pendant
This magical dagger of Sajigor offers shelter and provides the Hindu God's support.

EUR 20.00
Asian Motifs: Dagger of Shesha - [112 x 112 px] Dagger of Shesha  - Pendant
Shesha, the snake of wisdom, and her dagger protect against enemies and adversaries.

EUR 19.80
Asian Motifs: Dharma Wheel - [112 x 112 px] Dharma Wheel  - Pendant
The Buddhist symbol "Dharma-Wheel" will help to find perfection and inner peace.

EUR 13.60
Asian Motifs: Fenghuang - [112 x 112 px] Fenghuang  - Pendant
The fire bird Phoenix is called Fenghuang in Chinese and symbolizes inner enlightment.

EUR 13.60
Asian Motifs: Om - [112 x 112 px] Om  - Pendant, Brass
Rest and wisdom are symbolized by the Tibetan mantra "Om mani padme hum".

EUR 13.60
Asian Motifs: Om - [112 x 112 px] Om  - Pendant, Pewter
The Tibetan mantra "Om mani padme hum" helps to find peace and wisdom.

Asian Motifs: Also in Copper, Silver, Gold - [70 x 25 px]*

EUR 11.30
Asian Motifs: Om - [112 x 112 px] Om  - Pendant, Silver
This pendant displays the Tibetan mantra "Om" symbolizing spiritual wisdom and inner peace.

Asian Motifs: Also available in Gold - [70 x 25 px]*

EUR 43.40
Asian Motifs: Pan K'uei - [112 x 112 px] Pan K'uei  - Pendant
This amulett showing the Chinese luckdragon Pan K'uei grants health and prosperity.

EUR 13.60
Asian Motifs: Shri Yantra - [112 x 112 px] Shri Yantra  - Pendant
The Shri Yantra is an Indian meditation pattern and protects against negative energies.

EUR 7.70
Asian Motifs: Tree of Life - [112 x 112 px] Tree of Life  - Pendant
This "Tree of Life" pendant is an ancient symbol of growth and wisdom.

EUR 7.70
Asian Motifs: Tsuru - [112 x 112 px] Tsuru  - Pendant
Tsuru is the name for the Japanese crane symbolizing justice, wisdom and longevity.

EUR 13.60
Asian Motifs: Wheel of Law - [112 x 112 px] Wheel of Law  - Pendant
Health and wealth will be granted by the Japanese talisman "Wheel of Law".

EUR 13.60
Asian Motifs: Yin Yang - [112 x 112 px] Yin Yang  - Pendant, Copper and Brass
The harmonious union of opposite principles is symbolized by the Chinese Yin Yang.

EUR 11.90


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Asian Motifs
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The collection "Asian Motifs" can also be downloaded as a printable catalogue so that you can order by fax or mail:

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About us Arrow, Mist (Page: Asian Motifs) [136 x 22 px]
Here you find many pieces of jewelry that not only were manufactured according to historical and magical artwork but where you can also select the gemstone that is to be set into the piece. Many people are convinced that minerals and precious stones with their vibrational energies exert a positive effect on body, mind and spirit. This way a piece of jewelry where you personally select your gemstone can have a balancing and harmonizing power.
The power of precious stones and crystals was already known to the old Egyptians and many cultures used the vibrational energy of gemstones to influence body, mind and spirit in a positive way. For this purpose the gems can be used as tumbled stones or set in pieces of jewelry, larger mineral specimens are often also put up in order to harmonize a room or to be used as a mediation stone for finding the own inner center. All of these forms of using minerals and precious stones are known since the beginning of mankind and are practiced since thousands of years by many cultures.
It is often suggested to use minerals and precious stones near to one's body so that their vibrational energies can exert an intense influence on us. Therefore jewelry that is set with gemstones is especially handy: It not only is visually appealing but usually will be worn directly on the skin or at least on the clothes. According to old belief this way an energetic imbalance of the body can be harmonized and body, mind and spirit are balanced - many people also appreciate the balancing and calming effect of "their" own very personal gemstones.
Especially the gemstones amber, amethyst, rose quartz, jade and lapis are often set in pieces of jewelry: As a sunny yellow tree resin amber is said to bring stability and cheerfulness to life. Amethyst is worn as an especially spiritual crystal in order to strengthen the inner balance. As the gem of love rose quartz is said to open the heart, and jade is deemed to be an especially valuable stone in Asia, because it is said to bring rest and peace to life. Finally lapis stands for strength and symbolizes deeper insight into difficulties and problems.
Also the product on this page http://www.alte
was selected in a way that makes it easy to combine it with crystals and precious stones in order to enhance its special power. This is the information about our website and this page if you want to point to it:
  • Website: Our short description is "Online Shop for Jewelry and Books about Crystal Healing & Alternative Health"
  • Page: Buddhist motifs are also an important influence for this Asian jewelry collection.
The energetic effect of minerals and gemstones is deemed to be unproven by modern science and therefore it is often said that the positive effects of gem jewelry are only based on the imagination of its wearer. Although it is true that most of the effects that are traditionally passed down for the various gemstones are not scientifically validated there are energetic effects of crystals that are undisputed: For example gemstones exist that can store energy and release it in the dark or if one rubs over their surface. Therefore many remains to be discovered and personally experienced about minerals and gems and therefore we decided to offer a broad range of pieces of jewelry where our customers can choose the gemstone to be set in: This way everybody can find his jewelry with his personal favourite stone and experience what the world of gemstones and minerals has to offer.

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